Iveco Capital

In today’s world access to credit is a critical point even for the healthiest and most robust businesses which despite everything can have difficulty in obtaining financing for leasing. Mecar has always understood the need for clients to find a reliable partner once a purchase has been decided on, and had made this a key part of core business.

Thanks to the careful evaluation or due diligence we carry out on each of our clients, we are able to create personalised offers tailored to each client’s needs. This has permitted us to obtain a high financial rating.

Our aim is to proceed in this direction and to continue to allocate our resources to favour the growth of those who deserve it.

Mecar and Iveco Capital

One of our most important partners in this aspect of the business is Iveco Capital. Their wide range of financing or leasing products together with specialisation in the world of transport makes Iveco Capital a uniquely valuable partner.

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