Our History

In 1952 Francesco Ferrajoli brought together his passion for sports cars and his own personal idea of the future to obtain the mandate for the distribution of Fiat cars and trucks in the Salerno area. The first mission of the company was to populate this still principally rural area with vehicles: these first years saw the company undergo exponential growth and the development of customer loyalty in all branches of the business, cars, trucks and especially services, which remains an important aspect of company culture to the present day.

Sixty-two years later and at the helm of the company are the original Ferrajoli’s 3 grandsons who bring with them a healthy dose of modernity and competitive spirit which works in tandem with the tradition and experiences of their grandfather and their parents.

Trucks is our Core Business
With the spin off of Fiat from Iveco, Mecar was born; and in just a few years the company became market leader in the area. Over the past few years organic growth has occured also thanks to the rapid expansion of some of our key clients who have become international names with increasingly important fleets across Europe. A dynamic and innovative business, consisting of a team which always puts the client first, Mecar and its network are now present in 3 regions of Southern Italy  (Campania, Basilicata and Calabria).

Salerno – an Oasis
Mecar and the Ferrajoli companies have their headquarters in the Salerno area, which in terms of civility, welfare, employment, opportunity and quality of life is an unique example of how the South could perform as a whole. Mecar remains optimistic regarding the opportunities the South has to offer and continues to invest in support of the entire supply chain.