Our Purpose

Ferrajoli since 1952

Tradition and Innovation

From its creation in 1952 to today, the company has always been a hotbed of innovation. These continuous innovations help us to better serve the needs of our clients’ businesses.

Today, the Mecar team is young, dynamic and full of fresh energy… but we never forget the wealth of experience accumulated by the firm throughout the years.

Our mission is to guarantee the continued circulation of our clients’ fleets.


  • Qualified staff
    Experts in the field who love their work
  • Guaranteed quality
    Our experience combined with innovation guarantee the quality of our products and services
  • Rapid response
    With 24 authorised service centres, 5 parts warehouses and a modern and efficient logistics platform downtime is reduced to a minimum.
  • After-sales support
    Once the sale has been closed our work has only just begun. We are alongside our clients with maintenance services, financing and more.