First CECRA’s CIV Truck Dealership Field visit.


On the 19th of May, Gianandrea Ferrajoli, as the chairman of CECRA, went to visit one of the biggest truck and car dealerships in Belgium. This was part of an initiative by Mecar’s CEO to put truck retail top-level on national and European federation work.

In the future CECRA expects to have at least a field visit every 3 months, and invites others to join, with the main goal being to exchange knowledge and see first-hand different types of operational excellence.

In this visit both Mr. Ferrajoli and Mr. Calemeyn presented their business models, future growth plans and exchanged know-how. It became clear that both see the future of dealerships as companies that offer transports solutions, moving away from  the traditional model. Furthermore, both foresee a severe disruption in the near future, and believe that those that do not prepare and evolve will disappear.


In the video below are a few key statements from the first CECRA’s CIV Truck Dealership Field visit.

Mecar would like to thank John Calemeyn for his hospitality, Giuseppe Marotta for the moderation and Ward Martens for his participation.