Methorios Listed on Alternet

methorios quotato su alternet

The Rome based advisor, Methorios Capital, made its debut on the Parisian Alternet on Wednesday 17th December. A positive beginning for the company – on the advisory board of which sits Gianandrea Ferrajoli, CEO of Mecar – with the first day closing at +3.17% with a value of €0.65, a further +0.85 on Thursday 18th and no change on Friday 19th.

Methorios, which was already quoted on the Milanese AIM, now has a dual listing. This changes the firm’s relationship with the French market “Where before we operated in France from Italy, we now operate in France from France“, noted  Fabio Palumbo president and co-founder of the company.

The listing on Alternet, which was closed withut reorting to the collection of capital, represents a great step forward in the process of internationalisation of the firm, bringing greater visibility which can only be positive for the business and its goals – the development of current activities and eventual aggregation with other qualified operators.  “We are not interested in going into retail“, Palumbo adds.

Methorios Capital is specialised in insurance brokering and asset management. It also provides IPO consultancy, adopting a fee-per-equity model. The return on the portfolio over the last four years averages out at 13%.