Mecar Spa. A new era.


Transformation from Srl to SpA

In an ever more competitive market, characterised by the constant and rapid evolution of a more structured client base, Mecar decided to prepare itself for the challenges ahead with a new form: on January 1st 2015 Mecar srl transitioned to become Mecar Spa.

We feel that this is a necessary step, in particular when we consider the intense challenges waiting for us” declares  Luigi Maria Ferrajoli, CFO and member of the Board of Directors.

In some circumstances, in particular during the client acquisition phase, we realised that the market required this change and we, as we always do, adapted quickly“. adds  Gianandrea Ferrajoli, CEO of Mecar Spa.

Mecar Spa is a multiservice player and point of reference for the transport and logistics operators of 3 regions, and with its network of circa 20 service points the business is ready to continue providing high value added services over an area extending more than  500 km.