Mecar Day

mecar day evento nuovo ed innovativo

On the 18th of November Mecar held Mecar Day in Cosenza, an event which will take place on an annual basis with the aim of bringing to the fore the highlights and the milestones of the past year and to outline plans for the year ahead.

The first part of the day consisted of the management presenting new services and opportunities that Mecar, together with partners Iveco and Petronas, intend on offering their connections in 2015, to the network of circa 20 authorised workshops distributed across three regions.

The second part of the day was dedicated to the opening of a new branch in Rende and which brought with it the participation of the most important businesses present in Calabria. These businesses used this opportunity to meet the top management of Iveco and to exchange ideas for the recuperation of an area which until that moment  had been left for too long without distribution and services.

The CEO of Mecar, Gianandrea Ferrajoli, stated: “for us Calabria is underestimated as a market: the opportunities are not huge, but the companies present in the area, which have always been loyal to the Iveco brand, deserve a complete and efficient supply chain. Together with Salerno, Avellino and Potenza, Cosenza represents an important add on for a company like ours which has, over the last few years, completely changed business model. Our investments will not stop here, and in any case you know how difficult is it to keep us from moving”.

Also participating in the event were many companies active in the food sector which were able to take this opportunity to exhibit and publicise their products to an audience from other parts of Italy.