Iveco HI-SCR. The Most Efficient Euro VI Technology On The Market

Iveco HI-SCR. The Most Efficient Euro VI Technology On The Market

NO EGR, NO ACTIVE DPF REGENERATION, NO DOWNTIME Stop burning fuel, time and work-hours. Choose Iveco HI-SCR for non-stop productivity and performance.


The exclusive IVECO HI-SCR system is the only Euro VI technology currently able to reduce fuel consumption by 4.3% versus Euro V-EEV (TÜV certified) and maintenance cost by more than 10%.

The highly optimized combustion of the HI-SCR engine guarantees a very low particulate emission level. It allows for passive-only DPF regeneration with huge benefits in terms of maintenance intervals and cost control.

Compared with the solutions used by our competitors, the Cursor engines with IVECO HI-SCR offer many advantages:

  • No power draw to cool down exhaust gas.
  • No fuel used for active regeneration or to boost SCR performance.
  • No EGR related issues: your fleet stays on the road.
  • No additional complexity for the body builder.



The Hi-SCR system ensures safety at the top of its category: your fleet keeps on running, sustaining your productivity as well as your drivers’ peace of mind:

  • No driver involvement to force or inhibit active regeneration: your trucks keep on running, sustaining your business as well as your driver’s peace of mind.
  • No itinerary restrictions: regeneration is potentially dangerous in tunnels, in dusty environments, at airports, in off-road situations, in chemical or hazardous areas such as fuelling bays.
  • No worry about road surface and possible injuries when forced regeneration starts.
  • No increased engine noise during forced regeneration at a standstill.



Protect your business with long-life performance: Hi-SCR system requires lower
maintenance expense and longer repair intervals:

  • IVECO HI-SCR engines breathe only clean fresh air which guarantees longer life.
  • Lower operating temperatures inside the DPF and no risk of thermal runaway.
  • Longer oil change intervals (up to 150,000 km) since very few particulates are produced by the engine.
  • Longest DPF service interval, up to 600,000 km.
  • A significantly simplified engine means lower risk of breakdowns.
  • No extreme heat in the after treatment system.



Using AdBlue solution and NOx treatment system downstream of the engine
IVECO makes it possible to achieve higher performance (No EGR):

  • No need to oversize your engine as we offer the highest power density on the market (8.9l-400hp / 11l-480hp / 13l-560hp).
  • No additional engine components, no need for a larger cooling package or radiator.
  • Compact lightweight technology for the best combination of efficiency and service life.
  • By delivering 30% more braking power, the SUPER ENGINE BRAKE combined with a butterfly valve on the exhaust improves road safety and reduces wear on components, thus offering big savings on consumables.