Gianandrea Ferrajoli on the Advisory Board of Methorios


Methorios today announced that Gianandrea Ferrajoli, Managing Director of Mecar Spa, is now on their Advisory Board 

Ferrajoli graduated summa cum laude from the European Business School with a degree in buisness administration and has experience in the  Hedge Fund team of  Societe Generale Corporate Investment Banking in New York, London and Paris.

He then moved on to work with the Icap Risk Arb team and United First Partners, where he was responsible for business development

Today he is the MD of Mecar Spa, a major established player in the logistics and parts distribution sectors in Europe.

The beginning of the working realtionship between  Gianandrea Ferrajoli andMethorios dates back to 2004, not long after the formation of the company where he worked as an analyst.

Ferrajoli states: “Over the last 10 years it has been satisfying to see Methorios grow to become one of Italy’s most important financial institutions. The company today is stronger than ever“.