CECRA: CIV division Chairman Gianandrea Ferrajoli at the wheel of the next division meeting in London


The newly elected CIV – Commercial and Industrial Vehicles division chairman Mr Gianandrea Ferrajoli will lead the forthcoming rendezvous of the european industrial vehicles dealers gathered within the CECRA, the European Council for Motor Trades and Repairers.

The meeting will be hosted in London on the 29th of November and it will follow the new CIV agenda focused on the state of art and the driving innovation of the transportation and logistics sector.

“The sector is engaging in a very deep transformation that will have a huge impact on our businesses, Mr Ferrajoli says,  we cannot stay still, it is time to take action”

Thus, you are invited to attend the CIV meeting on 29th of November 2016 in London – Holiday Inn – 10a Chestnut Plaza, Westfield, Stratford City, from 10:30 till 13:30.